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Artist: Ebru Koçak (Dorking)

Artist: Ebru Koçak (Dorking)

Battal Neft - Art of Marbling - Surrey Artist Ebru Koçak- Surrey Art School Workshops Newdigate Dorking

Battal Neft

Art Medium: Watercolour
Image Size: Approx 43cm x 26cm
Availability: Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
Print Price: £45 + p&p

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Ebru Koçak


Marbling Paintings & Workshops

Phone: 075 701 03577
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About Marbling

Marbling is an ancient form of visual art which appeared in 14th century, but possibly dates back even further. Marbling also often referred to as Turkish Paper or by it’s original name; Ebru.

The paint is laid on specially prepared water and transferred to paper with a most wonderful and beautiful effect.

About The Artist

I am a Marbling artist and tutor within the Surrey area. I currently teach at Surrey Art School and regularly hold Adult / Adult and Children (Family) / Children and Youth workshops.

My own love affair with this incredible art form was almost preordained, as my given name is also Ebru.

​I studied and graduated with a Masters degree from the prestigious Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul – I had the privilege of being taught by the wonderful Hikmet Barutçuǧil, one of the most inspirational living masters of the art.


Water Lillies - Art of Marbling - Surrey Artist Ebru Koçak- Surrey Art School Workshops Newdigate Dorking

 During my academic education I had the opportunity to learn this ancient art form from the roots up. From crafting my own brushes to creating my own paints from raw natural pigments , I quickly discovered that there was real magic in the art of marbling.

Like life itself, marbling is an adventure where there is never repetition and I believe this art form can teach us a great deal, providing a unique insight into ourselves every time. I love sharing in this journey with those I teach and to watch the results unfold is the greatest gift for me.

​Despite it’s robust traditional roots I strongly believe marbling is a limitless and very open minded form of art.

I love to provide tutoring to everyone who wants to know more and meet with this amazing art and introduce them to how versatile and contemporary it can be.

​Additionally, the therapeutic characteristics of marbling ”Art of Ebru ” is an unquestionable reality and I strongly support this aspect as part of my teaching . I see my workshops as an opportunity to show people how art , nature and ourselves can combine as one and how our energy can be transformed.

I relish being able to provide the opportunity to those who attend my workshops, to learn the roots of this amazing art and use the possibilities of the Art of Marbling Ebru and the potential within themselves, to be creative .

Marbling Workshops