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Artist: Mital Patel

Artist: Mital Patel

Carnival Twist - Contemporary Abstract Art by Woking Surrey Artist Mital Patel

Carnival Twist

This large and detailed art piece is inspired by the colours of festivals and carnivals. The vibrancy of colour, smells, emotions from build up to the main event and even to the come down after the celebrations are captured in the drawing.
The transient nature and the impermanence of all things is reflected perfectly in yearly festivals. One moment we are looking forward to it; the next moment we are experiencing it, quickly followed by remembering it. This swiflty moved back to looking forward to it again next time and thus the cycle continues.
An artwork drawn with stencils and free hand and took over 1 year to complete.

Image Size: A3 to A0
Art Medium: Ink on Paper
Method: Mix of Freehand and Stencils
Prints in colour, black and white and various other tones are available.
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Mital Patel

Woking, Surrey

Contemporary colourful, vibrant unique abstract art.
High-quality digital prints available.

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About The Artist

"A self-taught, self-inspired and self-motivated artist who loves seeing images in my mind materialise on a blank sheet of paper. Detail, colour, vibrancy and emotion play a large part in my unique art as well as many world philosophies.

Being human and everything that comes with this, is portrayed in the art and due to the detail, can take many hundreds of hours to complete, typically over many months or a year or more.

Painting by Woking Surrey Modern Artist Mital Patel - Commissions Invited
Contemporary Artwork by Woking Surrey Artist Mital Patel - Green and Cream
Artwork in Inks by Woking Surrey Contemporary Artist Mital Patel
As a working Optometrist, I am also very much interested and aware of how eye diseases impact life and the viewer's ability to see art. I can truly vouch that the visual sense is a true blessing and like all things, there is no guarantee it will always be there.

This is also something that inspires me to draw, as good sight, stable hands, good mobility and independence are to be celebrated today, as they cannot be guaranteed in the future.

My art cannot just be glanced at, rather to be viewed and studied with patience, then more and more will be revealed."

Mital Patel, Surrey Artist, displaying the painting selected for exhibit at London Rail Stations

Art Group / Exhibitions

Mital is not currently a member of a Surrey Art Group or Society.

One of Mital's paintings was chosen for prestigious display at some of London’s busiest commuter stations, namely Victoria, Waterloo and London Bridge.