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Artist: Heather MacDonald

Artist: Heather MacDonald

From Earth to Heaven - Heather MacDonald - Paintings in Oils and Acrylics, Combined With Textures - Contemporary Abstract Art - Surrey Artists Gallery

From Earth to Heaven

Image Size: 40″ x 50″
Art Medium: Oil on Canvas
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Heather MacDonald

Contemporary, Abstract paintings in Oils and Acrylics,
combined with Textures

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As a self-taught artist, painting has always been a form of meditation for me; a spiritual expression, a way to relax and still the mind.

My inspiration comes from the beauty that nature holds and the elements that surround us. My dreams also have an important influence on my work, evoking strong images in my mind, which, emerge on the canvas in an abstract form.

I work in Oils and Acrylics, combined with Textures, which allows me to explore feeling and emotion through the use of vibrant colours and movement.