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Artist: Charlotte Amison

Artist: Charlotte Amison

Golden - Contemporary Art - Fine Artist Specialising in Abstract Expressionism

Golden – Contemporary Art

Art Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Image Size: 30cm x 40cm
Original Painting Price: Not For Sale

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Charlotte Amison

Fine Artist Specialising In The Genre Of “Abstract Expressionism”

Charlotte Amison

Fine Artist
Abstract Expressionism

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About The Artist

I am a Fine Artist based in Surrey, with a degree in Fine Art from Kingston University.

I specialise in painting in the genre of “Abstract Expressionism.” I focus on colour, materials and techniques. The bright vivid colours in each piece of work are intended to catch your eye and draw you into the painting.

The materials that I use are crucial to the final result as they allow me to create intense plains of colour, incorporating translucency and depth. I create space, light and colour through the progressive physical application of layers.

I relate my work to the Sublime, a return to pure aesthetic beauty within painting and the joy of creating a thing of beauty. My paintings utilise movement and energy an evoke power through a strong use of colour and bold confident mark making.

Rainbow Series - Contemporary Art - Fine Artist Specialising in Abstract Expressionism

The Rainbow Series at an exhibition

Statement From A Press Release

Being brought up in the Middle East has had a profound effect on artist Charlotte Amison. Charlotte says the vibrant colourful culture and the strong use of primary colours in the region’s decor and interiors is reflected in her striking canvases. ‘Without a doubt, this has had a profound effect on my relationship with colour and the way I use it within my work – and the way I see the world,’ she explained.