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Artist: Sally de Courcy

Artist: Sally de Courcy

Sculpture - Evolution - Marble resin, calico, bronze and jesmonite - Artist and Sculptor Sally de Courcy


This work explores Aristotle’s theory that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. By using deconstructed and repeated form and magnifying repetition of imperfection, a physical evolution occurs – repetition creating difference not replication.

Size: 170cm H x 70cm W x 70cm D
Art Medium: Marble Resin, Calico, Bronze and Jesmonite
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Sally de Courcy

Woking, Surrey

Contemporary Sculptor, Artist and Installation Art

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Facebook: sdecourcy1

Twitter: @SallySadec

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About The Artist

My work aims at challenging our perception of ourselves, our fragility and strength.

My sculptures evolve by manipulating multiple cast objects so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Using repetition as emphasis, the outcome has a decorative geometry and kinetic unity that expresses are shared human experiences and conditions.

Bones are emblematic in much of my work, and the contextually linked objects reveal a narrative. Although frequently ornate, my sculptures hide darker and often sinister subjects that when revealed create dissonance. The sum like an optical puzzle, oscillates between beauty and nightmare.

My work is not autobiographical in the figurative sense, but like many artists, explores the liminal space between conscious representation and unconscious influence.

Recently my work has looked at the humanitarian aspects of the COVID19 pandemic and the current crisis of refugees crossing the English Channel.

Artist and Sculptor Sally de Courcy exhibiting with @craftcontinuum @oxogallery London

Artist and Sculptor Sally de Courcy exhibiting with @craftcontinuum @oxogallery London

2 of my Pandemic Series on display, Dream or Nightmare? and Beached; autobiographical works about isolation of a shielded, immunocompromised artist during lockdown.

Art Groups

Member of International Association of Visual Artists (IAVA)

Member of Continuum

UCA MFA distinction 2016

Widely published, most recently in Flux Review Magazine and Artist Talk Magazine.

Current and Future Exhibitions

2022 5th June- 26th June, Fresh Air Sculpture,The Old Rectory, Quenington, GL7 5BN
2021 Nov 18th , Solo Exhibition. Geometries of Hope and Horror. Art Without Boundaries, Curator Walter Meyer. 
2021 Nov 30th Pandemic Art 1.0 virtual exhibition with Articulate Magazine 
2021 January 2nd 2022. Solo Exhibition. Repetition Talks Back. The Holy Art

Sally de Courcy, Woking Artist, Sculptor and Installation Artist - Reflection in Green Painting

Sally de Courcy, Woking Surrey Artist - Reflection in Green

To see the full range of Paintings, please visit my website.

Past Exhibitions and Awards

(Virtual exhibitions listed separately)

Canvas Art Fair, The Forge, London
Continuum@OXO2021 Oxo Gallery,Oxo Tower London
Focus Art fair, Private View Saatchi Gallery, London
Focus Art fair, Fold Gallery, London
The Playful Turn, Espacio Gallery, London
Sentiment Exhibition, Bickerton Grace Gallery, London
Togetherness Exhibition, D31 Art Gallery, Doncaster
Mixing Identities, The Forge, London
Awarded Collectors Vision International Art Award, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine
Represented as Next Generation Artist, Vacant Museum
Represented by the Florence Contemporary Gallery

Gifts of Art Exhibition at Divulgarti Gallery, Genoa, Italy
The Ty Pawb Open. Market Street, Wrexham,
Borders Exhibition, The Room Contemporary Art Space, Venice
Winner of Artist of the Month It’s Liquid platform
Reality and its Disorders, Espacio gallery, London
Beached, Art Limited International Art Exhibition, Bordeaux, France. Best Artwork in Sculpture category
Invited to attend International Artists zoom meeting, Hello World. Transcultural Exchange Boston
Highly Commended, Red Line Art Works Annual Awards - series of works about human rights

Art Maze Exhibition. Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London
Exhibition Declassified. Allen Gallery, Alton

Exhibition Transform. Westbury Manor, Fareham

MA Degree Show, UCA, Farnham
Menier Gallery, London.
Residency Ashvale Military Museum, Collaborative project - 'Case of Curiosities'
Telos Exhibition. Camden Image Gallery, London
Materials Matter Exhibition. The Bracknell Gallery, South Hill Park
Unleashed Exhibition, Menier Gallery London

Exhibition Misfit. Apiary Studios, Hackney, London
Shortlisted for Jon Bird Prize
Exhibition Human. Sticks Gallery, Fareham
Linear Gallery, Farnham
Exhibition Funny Ha Ha. Burghley House
Time Garden. Frimley Park
Exhibition Germination. Espacio Gallery, London
Exhibition, Weston Park

Installation Metamorphosis. UCA Farnham
Assistant at Facing Extinction, Gustav Metzger, James Hockney Gallery, Farnham
Installation Metamorphosis. Woking

Time Garden, Frimley Park
InstallationTake Two, James Hockney Gallery, Farnham
Public Installation at Horsell Common, Woking

Past Virtual Exhibitions

Help 11, IAVA Virtual Exhibition
Rebirth, Florence Contemporary Gallery, 
Doncaster Art Fair Mental Health Exhibition
Flux Review V2 Virtual Exhibition
Fronteer Lockdown Online Gallery
Virtual Exhibition Phenomenon with The Holy Art
State of Repair, Vacant Museum
Tebbs Gallery Online Exhibition Movement
Far But Close, Florence Contemporary Gallery 

Lockdown, Fronteer Online Art Gallery
Imprints, Past and Present - Online Exhibition at Vacant Museum
Creatures, Beasts, Myths. The Vacant Museum. Online Exhibition
International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Help" IAVA2020
Redline Artworks. Series of Pandemic Works
Sneeze 2020, featured in Quaranzine 04, Online Art Exhibition, Gaada Projects
Sneeze 2020 accepted at the Bickerton-Grace Gallery
Beached featured in Quaranzine 03, Online Art Exhibition, Gaada Projects
Hello World, Trans-Cultural Exchange, Boston. Online Exhibition
Accepted Online Exhibition, Confined Spaces 

Redlines Artworks Online Gallery