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Artist: Dominique Schoeman

Artist: Dominique Schoeman

Textural Abstract Art by Dominique Schoeman - Savage


Heavy textured and savagely scratched Abstract using handmade gouache

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Dominique Schoeman

Textural Abstract Artist
Unique, one of a kind Artwork

Phone: 07510 528085

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I am a Textural Abstract Artist who works solely from my private studio. I have always had a passion for art, textures, and textiles and have been painting and creating ever since I can remember. I was awarded bursaries which allowed me to study Fine Art, Graphic Design, Calligraphy, and Textile Design at college, where I learned different painting techniques, structures, textures, and compositions within art. My process is rough, raw, and earthy. I find my inspiration from nature and my surroundings. My artwork is unique, as well as my paints, gouache and ink that I make by hand using natural earth pigments and binders on stretched artist-grade canvas.
Artwork - Handmade Gouache on Stretched Canvas
Rust Chalk Charcoal - Commissions Invited
Unique Abstract Artwork by Dominique Schoeman
I do not sell copies or prints of my artwork. Only unique, one-of-a-kind artwork that is signed on the back of the canvas. All paintings come with a certificate of authenticity. Commissions Invited and thank you for looking at my artwork.

Dominique Schoeman