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Artist: Dipen Boghani (Redhill)

Artist: Dipen Boghani (Redhill)

Cotswolds Art Gallery - Painting by Redhill Surrey Artist Dipen Boghani


Art Medium: Oil
Size: 30cm x 25cm
Art Prints: A donation to Cancer Research Charity will be made by the artist *
Price: Please contact the Artist for more information

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Dipen Boghani


Artist in Watercolour, Oil and Pastel

Please mention the Surrey Artists website

35 Montfort Rise
Surrey RH1 5DU

About The Artist

I am a full-time Ophthalmologist working at East Surrey Hospital in Surrey, I enjoy painting as a hobby in my free time.

I do not have any formal art related training, but I picked up this hobby from one of my friends who used to do pastel drawing which I started along with him. I paint with enthusiasm and passion and try to improve my work by attending regular art group demonstrations.

I started with a few oil colour paintings along with my undergraduate studies, but had to stop during my post-graduation studies and residencies. I revived my hobby with a variety of watercolours followed by oils and pastels.

I had some of my work exhibited in the “Secret artists” exhibition in Dorking and one of my paintings was selected in SAA magazine members’ gallery.

My aim of putting my work on this website is to show my work to a wider community and possibly have some opinion for further development. I will be delighted for any communication regarding my work.

Art Prints

Please contact me regarding sale of art prints.

*I will donate 50% of the proceeds which I may get from sale of prints to Cancer Research Charity (after excluding reasonable and related expenses).