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Artist: Susanne Parker

Artist: Susanne Parker

Stained Glass Mosaic - Black Hole - Railway Tunnel - Artist - Susanne Parker - Surrey Artists Gallery

Black Hole

Art Medium: Stained, opaque glass and mirror
Designed to hang on a wall
Price: Please contact the Artist
Similar pictures of any work can be made – each piece is unique,
due to the colours and cutting of the glass.

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Susanne Parker

Stained Glass Mosaics

Phone: 0208 394 0970
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About The Artist

Susanne Parker, having previously worked in oils, pen & ink drawings, fabrics, pottery and jewellery, has now uniquely adapted the ancient technique of creating mosaics from small pieces of glass.

Decorative images of birds, animals, flowers, trees and landscapes are combined with imaginative, abstract patterns. The compositions are often based on nature, trying to capture splendid colours and offering a more positive view of our polluted world. The pictures can hang in a window with light from behind or, in the case of the larger landscapes, which include opaque as well as thick patterned and mirror glass, can be placed on a wall, as they do not need background lighting.

All Susanne’s work is made of stained glass pieces cut individually, embedded in cement and framed by lead or wood. She uses this technique because it allows her to cut small detail and to exploit the design of the background cement as well as the colours in the glass. The brittle nature of glass and the hard-edged, clear-cut images suit the artist’s style. Round or S shapes are the hardest to cut because glass tends to break in straight lines or at angles. At times, the pieces are built up into three-dimensional, more experimental compositions, allowing the artist a free range of expression. Each piece of glass is unique because the colours and the cutting of the glass differ in every design.

The sizes of the works vary from 50cm to 1 metre across. Glass is quite an expensive medium. It is manufactured in all colours and textures, either hand-made or by machine. Some glass is particularly costly, especially the reds, because they contain precious metals in their chemical make-up.

A wide variety of glass is available – antique glass with surface bubbles and irregular texture; streaky, cathedral glass with multiple colours; clear rolled glass; flashed glass; Victorian edged glass and many others. Any size of window – Individual designs can be produced on commission.

Susanne has been featured in Homes and Gardens magazine and in various newspaper articles covering local exhibitions. Her largest public commission is the Village Hall front door in Longstock, Hampshire.

sold - stained glass mosaic tree

Stained Glass Mosaics – Prices and delivery

Prices vary considerably depending on the size, complexity and material of the picture. Also, if it’s a commission, there will be extra time involved to make a design and adapt it to stained glass. Every picture, whatever material, is assembled from individually cut pieces of coloured glass. The glass is obtained from a glass producer and is of varied value, red being extremely expensive, other colours much cheaper. The design may require lots of detail which means many more hours work, so only a general guideline to pricing can be given. This also leaves room for negotiation.

Mosaic Tree (30cm x 45cm) sold for £250 as an example.